Hockey Package

JHL Package (Jeti Hockey League)

Would you like to find out what it’s like to skate as a true hockey champion?

At Jeti Ice Arena we’ve created all of the conditions so you can challenge you colleagues or, why not, competitors from another company and decide the best team by playing a real, honest game of ice hockey.

What the package includes

We provide a full-sized hockey rink with proper equipment from skates to protective gear, helmets and hockey sticks. On top of all this you can put on a hockey player’s uniform and skate like a true professional!

The instructor will help you put on the gear, prepare the teams for the match (safety, warm up, rules and strategy) and act as a referee on the ice.

Package duration

The whole process from dressing until the final whistle is approximately 2 h and it is possible to rent sauna. So you can relax in the sauna after the game.

Necessary information

The participants need to bring warm underwear and socks/stockings for the skates.

When booking ( please let us know:

  • the time and date you would like to hold the event;
  • how many people will take part (min. 10); and
  • what size equipment you will need (size M up to 175 cm, size L 175-185 cm, size XL over 185 cm).

First place is more important than winning!

Book your hockey event

Price list

Base price 10 participants 800 EUR
Additional participant 40 EUR
For example:
15 participants 1000 EUR
20 participants 1200 EUR
25 participants 1400 EUR
30 participants 1600 EUR
35 participants 1800 EUR
40 participants 2000 EUR
Sauna 2h 100 EUR
* Price includes VAT